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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ilya View Post
Not sure how it works with OSX, but write protection can be done on the file system level in Windows via NTFS. There's also software out there that will write protect a drive if you have to use another filesystem.
software level won't help me in this case. I'm not trying to lock files, I need to lock the hole drive into read-only at a hardware level so that if I boot from a live OS whether WinPE or linux, etc, I can't wipe the partition on the drive

A USB card ready could work, but it seems like a backwards way of doing things. I dunno, I'm really picky when it comes to getting what I want. It's 2013, we have the technology, but it seems there's always a compromise

and as mentioned, finding newer, large capacity keys with hardware locks is near impossible, finding a drive with encryption is no problem on the other hand, but I don't want encryption for a multiboot key
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