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24 Pin Points of Insanity


For those of you have been following my log to date, you know that when it came to sleeving, I chickened out on the 24 pin point connector

I thought that painting the already existent OEM sleeving a nice camo green that it would just blend in. Unfortunately, when I put the sleeved cables next to it . . . it looked dismal.

So after some soul searching and feedback from others, I decided to bite the bullet and sleeve that beast . . . I mean how bad could it be . . . right

So I ordered some new paracord and finally took that cable . . . which I admit I had hidden away like a bad family secret . . . looked at it one last time with its Corsair proprietary rights PSU connector looking at me as if to say . . . Man you have no idea what I am hiding beneath this peaceful OEM.

I grabbed my trusty Exacto Knife, took a very big breath (and an even bigger gulp of single malt scotch) and dissected the heat shrink and tie wraps . . . so far so good

So in for a penny in for a pound . . . I grabbed my scissors and started on the OEM . . . No turning back now.

I made short work of the OEM and I have to admit for a few short moments (exactly 2.5 seconds by my reckoning) it felt quite good . . . this cable was not beating me But like all things which seem too good to be true, my Narnia existence soon turned into a Bizzaro world where things like connection to connection cables don't exist . . . I mean . . . seriously what were they thinking

The mess I found

This was surely one of those great "what the " moments in life as I stared at double wires criss-crossing every where and what is up with the demented twisted swivel thing

Okay, one thing I have learned in my current job is to shoot, scan and breath . . . emphasis on the breathing. So I decided to be smart about this and not yank all the wires out and do one wire at a time. My paracord had arrived a few days earlier and I was planning to try heat shrinkless to see what it looked like.

The paracord sleeving tool from Lutro Customs saved a lot of snagging headaches

Took a few attempts but I finally got the proper combination of location and melt

Two down 22 to go . . . the heat shrinkless looks so much better . . . what do you think?

Well that is it for now, I will post once I get the 24 pin point done . . . unless I mess it up . . . then I think I will drink some more scotch and try to forget before calling Corsair and saying . . . Hey funny thing happened when I was sleeving your cable . . .


"Sic transit mundus" Thus the world passes
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