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I have a very similar issue happening with my computer at the moment. I recently purchased a new PSU, one that was well reviewed by Corsair with enough wattage for my system.
We had a couple of power outages in our area over the last couple of weeks, the other day the computer crashed after being on for a minute, and has not been on in any meaningful way since. Now, it has been plugged into a surge protector of sorts, it certainly is not a high end one.

When I opened the case on my computer and attempted to turn it on again I noticed that the fan on the CPU would begin to spin for a second as if it was initiating bootup, but then it would stop and the computer would never turn on. Next I unplugged the GPU and tried again, same result. Then I unplugged the HDD and SSD as well as the GPU and tried again. This time it came on and booted, but crashed soon after.

I am about 95% sure it is a PSU issue. I am guessing the power outages caused a surge and affected my PSU. I have already RMA'd a replacement and will have it soon. Do you guys think the PSU is the issue, or that there could be more than that? I am pretty annoyed that this will be my third PSU in the last 3 months. Definitely making me consider selling the computer altogether!
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