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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
^^^^ No worries, provided you're satisfied is all that matters. ;)
^^^ In all honesty I have never seen "poorer" gameplay going from a single high end GPU to SLI GPU's, (particularly now that nv Drivers are so much better than back in my initial multi GPU 280 days) if I had I would be running single GPU. ;) .....anyhow, to each there own......

btw..not sure what your 990X is OC'd to, but you certainly have to clock the CPU higher in order to get away from "the jitters" (if thats what you were experiencing), I had my 980X at 4.4 Ghz, which provided better overall performance than 4 Ghz or even 4.2 Ghz.......presently I still find an overall GPU performance improvement going from 4.7 to 4.9 Ghz......these high end GPU's, especially running multi cards require high CPU clocks indeed.
You seem like a good guy, but some of what you're posting just isn't true:,12.html

Notice how an i7 965 at 3.7GHz is performing exactly the same as a 3960 at 4.6GHz on a GTX690, which is essentially two GTX680s?

I'd add that in my eight years in the NVIDIA Focus Group, where they sent me lots of video cards, motherboards, etc and wanted me to post benches that I scored with their products, they never once told me to OC my CPUs. Reason was likely because the benchmarks they wanted me to show off were GPU limited, not CPU limited.

They even used to have a whole marketing campaign about how high end cpus were not where to spend your money, because they all performed pretty much the same.

EDIT: I was running the 680 SLi with the 990X at 4GHz, FWIW. As you can see by the link above, it really didn't matter.
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