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Originally Posted by crazyea View Post
From what I understand the newer GPU's which support 11.1 should also be 11.2 compatible. Also, game adoption most likely won't be that quick so there isn't really any need to worry.
My guess is that this won't be the case. Dx 11 didn't matter because the consoles were dx 9 and, sad to say, PC waits on consoles. If dx 11.2 is part of the xbox one and applicable to how the ps4 works, then the console ports to PC would by default require it.

It sounds like dx 11.2 allows some form of unified memory on PCs similar to what consoles have. Seemingly a necessity. Also, the consoles are 64 bit, so expect 64 bit games now. Will need lots of RAM on GPU and motherboard

Also I doubt the xbone exclusivity means anything for consoles since they are already using unified memory. It's more beneficial for PCs,23322.html
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