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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
After dumping $1300 on a couple of 680's, then $1200 on a Titan....I guess you "wouldnt go back"

How do you spell "P-L-A-C-E-B-O" ......dont get me wrong, the Titan is a great Card, but for anything but multi monitors there are far better solutions out there now, including multi card solutions. I'm running 3 Cards, not sure how it feels or smells, but visually it "rocks", runs cool and is buttery smooth swift
Why wouldn't I go back? If I thought I was missing something, or not getting the best experience, I would.

I bought the Titan to see if a single, more powerful GPU could make noticeable improvements in the games I play. (and it did)

Playing Bioshock Infinite the whole game was much smoother using the Titan with adaptive vsynch than with 680 Sli and adaptive vsynch.

If you look around the net, you can find a lot of people who are not fans of AFR for various reasons and mouse feel and frame latency are among them. NVIDIA does a really nice job making SLi as close to single GPU as possible, but it will always be different.

Where I really noticed it is when the mechanics were after me, and when the bird was in the scene. I think I was dropping frames.

It "could" be my problems were exacerbated by the Dell 3008 monitor and the latency the scaler in that panel adds to the mix, and I suppose I could have tried it on my PC with the 3007 WFP-HC which lacks a scaler. But I can tell you running the games on a Titan made them seem smoother, and the mouse more responsive.

If you want to think running multiple GPUs has no disadvantages whatsoever, that's fine, but I think a lot of people would disagree with you.
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