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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JD View Post
Yeah I already bought it and he shipped it out today

Figured it was the best approach and generally seems everyone agrees too. Picked up a H60 and 2x8GB Mushkin Stealth RAM too from NCIX.

And Revit is 3D rendering, that's the part that's really chewing up the RAM and CPU cycles currently. I suspect getting a Quadro/FireGL card would help immensely too but the cost is a bit insane when the similar "gaming" card is easily half the price.
Even with my pathetic Quadro 2000 (initially an 1800), it was a night and day going from a pair of nVidia gaming cards.

I don't know how picky (how optimized) Revit is when it comes to detail line and point selection, but in S*itWorks...ermmm I mean SolidWorks, my design experience became less frustrating - object/feature selection wise - once I started using workstation cards.

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