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My System Specs


i just upgraded my media center from an athlon x2 5050e 2.6ghz, 4gb ram, and a geforce 610 which was previously a radeon 4250.

HD was no issue, however, if you plan on using any plugin's i've noticed that if you leave it running long enough, xbmc's memory usage alone would get close to 2gb as some plugins seem to be a little buggy, so if you could get it up to 4gb, it might keep things running smooth so it doesn't start relying on page file

also, if you're planning on using the live tv with a tv server on the same system, more ram will help

just so you know, the only reason I upgraded was so I could play some games here and there, so i jumped up to a new A10-6700 APU. I figured the dual core with 4gb was pretty taxed, so a quad core with 8gb and integrated graphics should add enough extra resources to do so

bottom line is, any videocard will do for HD playback now days, ram should be your concern if you ask me

if it's going to be solely a media center, you might also consider running xbmc as the shell, skip the windows desktop entirely. If you really wanted too, you could use rt7lite to strip windows 7 right down to the bare minimum like i did.
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