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Default Which i7? 3820, 3770, 4770

So I have a bit of a dilemma...

Seems my good ol' i7 920 D0 and P6TD Deluxe is starting to kick the bucket. Memory channel 3 (C) is dead it seems. Rather than play a game of Russian Roulette in determining if it's motherboard or CPU, I figure it's probably best just to scrap it and "upgrade".

Here's the issue though: I have a P8P67 Pro B3 kicking around, so I could drop a 3770 and be done. However, the P67 chipset is getting a bit long in the tooth, so I'm not sure if it's really worthwhile.

I could move it over to LGA2011, as the 3820 is clocked the highest and includes the most cache. This seems the most logical for the usage of the machine (AutoCAD and Revit). However, LGA2011 looks to be a dying platform too with very slow upgrade to Ivy Bridge-E and then Haswell-E will be a new chipset/socket I'm sure.

That brings me to the 4770, brand new, latest chipset, etc. However it still doesn't have the memory bandwidth SB-E does and would cost me roughly the same.

Any suggestions as to the approach I should take?
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