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Originally Posted by BarisERYENTUR View Post
Thx for answering and giving nice info. i leaning more for titans cause people say in the future games will require more VRAM and 3 gb for 3x1080p screens is a little risky where as titans is not that much risk cause i know im not going to be having issues with vram and if i fell like i need more performance i can add another titan or just change it completly. :)
I understand where you are coming from with the concern. My issue with Titan is you essentially pay a 35-40% price premium over a 780 for 6gb vice 3gb of vram. You can see in the HWC review that some of the 780 are on par with Titan, for roughly 65% of the price.

If you haven't read it yet:

EVGA GeForce GTX 780 ACX SC Review

I know its not an SLI review, but they are based on the same architecture, so scaling should be pretty much identical per card added. With that said you could have SLI 780 giving you approx 95% of the performance of SLI Titan and $700 in your pocket. Save that $700 and put it towards new graphics cards in a few years when the 3gb vram starts limiting you. Either way you will not be going wrong, but I personally would not be able to justify the added cost.
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