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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
You do start to loose scaling with every extra card, but I wouldn't say it doesn't work. A few points...there is no such thing as futureproofing, but if you do want to extend its useful life a bit of extra vram will assist with it. Personally I can't justify titan's price premium unless you have money that you have no use for and its burning a whole in your pocket. Rough pricing 2xtitan will be $2000, 3x780 will be $1800.

For me I would throw the idea of titan out the window (though I know others are willing to pay the extra will disagree). Honestly for 3x1080p I would go for 2x780 and try it out...if you find its not enough you could always throw a 3rd in down the road. If you are concerned more about the vram than the total gpu power another consideration would be 3x770 (there are 4gb versions) that you should be able to get for less than $500 each.
Thx for answering and giving nice info. i leaning more for titans cause people say in the future games will require more VRAM and 3 gb for 3x1080p screens is a little risky where as titans is not that much risk cause i know im not going to be having issues with vram and if i fell like i need more performance i can add another titan or just change it completly. :)
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