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Default 2x GTX Titan's v 3x GTX 780's on 3x1080p res.

Hi my name is Baris, im here to ask you guys about something that im not sure at.

here i will give you my system specs;
*i7 3930k OC'ed to 4.5Ghz +*
*Asus p9x79 Pro Motherboard*
*Corsair h100i Watercooler*
*Corsair 600T White case *
*Corsair AX1200i *
*16GB Corsair Platinum DDR3 2133 Mhz RAM (4x4) *
*2TB Western Digital Caviar Black HDD *
*240GB corsair Neutron series GTX SSD*

as you guys can tell theres something missing ''video card'' im going to be gaming in 3x @1080p monitors and i want a future proof video card(s) im planning on useing this system for a while witch one of these would be better for me;

2xGTX Titans or 3xGTX 780s
(my main concern is the 3gb frame buffer on gtx 780 s)

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