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Verizon will have to invest a small fortune in order to compete with the big three on a national scale. I wouldn't expect the pricing to be that different after an initial "loss leader" period to build a customer base. All competition helps, but I wouldn't expect a miracle.

While the federal government has loosened the limitations to foreign ownership of a telecom, I haven't heard any rumors that they're opening spectrum auctions to at&t, etc; I think that's baseless speculation?

Originally Posted by krazyups View Post
I don't want to switch to a plan and be slammed with roaming charges for going 75km across the border.
There is no difference between 75KM over the border and 1000KM over the board as no Canadian telecom has US towers. I imagine that Verizon will have limits on how they can leverage their US operations if their purchase of Wind goes through.
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