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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
Sure, right now. But that's not very forward thinking is it? I have absolutely no use for TB myself. But I'd be willing to bet I would in the near future if the option were there. Limited benefit over USB 3.0? I was under the impression it was much faster. I gotta read up on it. Me is behind the times. Good read though! Thanks for the article.
99% of the devices and users out there are not even maxing out USB2.0 yet.

A very limited number of devices and users actually use a USB3.0 to it's full potential

While I agree that TB is better, is it mainstream yet? Extremely far from it. Just for the fact that it's a different plug alone.

So Gimme USB3.0 all over and i'm happy but I dont feel any need to have a TB port on a motherboard yet. Just add a pcie card if you really need it I guess.
Is smoke supposed to come out of there?
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