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Default CMS83X MK3 Stacker

This will be my third attempt at what I think is one of the most awesomest cases ever.

First was way back when w/ an 830.

Then a few years later w/ an 832. I have used this case to death. Exterior is still flawless but the interior is in terrible shape.

This 'new' 830 when I got it.

The old 832 as it sits now. I will need to use some of it for parts. I don't suppose anyone has an idea on how to remove powder coat? I've been told brake cleaner should work.

Was playing around w/ ideas...

At some point I started to sand down the plastic pieces because silver plastic just ain't cool bros.

Had to tap a few new screw holes as Asus seems to use their own special layout. But if fits well enough.

And a few other pics. The Hyper212+'s are going to be used for testing and fitting purposes. The CPUs will of course be watercooled.

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