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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
So how does it compare to your 980X in wPrime 1024?
Dead know...I dont even think I've tried it yet, will let you know, I'll try a run at 4.7 Ghz (my 24/7 setting) and 4.9 Ghz ;)
We think alike. I too will get the 4930K and then Haswell E when it's released. Our only difference is the super high overclock you're shooting for. I'm happy puttering along with my present configuration.
Slik.....really not sure if I'll jump on 4930K or not yet.....getting a good OC'able Chip is a crap shoot (imo), this chip seems like a "good one" so far, I'd be very disapointed if I dumped another $550 on the 4930K only to find it doesnt OC as good as this far the combination of this Chip and the 3 680 Classy's is proving to be an extremely potent system with absolutely no issues at all (looks for wood to knock on) upgrade path right now is leaning to putting my TJ09 to "rest" and moving all this gear into a Corsair 900D n get the H100i set up in push / pull ;)
I'm still in the queue for a step up to a couple of 780's, but at this point I'm leaning to cancel that.

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