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Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
In my experience, PAE has always resulted in instability in memory-intensive environments (and really, why else would anybody be interested in PAE?). Basically, what happens is the OS can't see the memory, but PAE tells it not to worry - it's there. So it throws the data out into the abyss, hoping there are enough physical addresses available to catch it. When you're operating in a memory-intensive environment though, that's not always the case. Without any OS-level memory management at all, sooner or later, writes will eventually be attempted on unaddressable space. BSODs ensue.

My advice: don't be afraid to give 2k3 x64 a whirl. While I understand you have some stuff without 64-bit drivers, you may find 2k3's x86 translation layer is sufficient enough.

edit - I should mention that 2k3 x64's load time is nothing like the x86 counterpart's.
I am not sure what you mean by translation layer?
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