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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Bungwirez View Post
Really love the MIPS block... too bad they folded.
Yeah too bad and the block look awesome! Picture below

Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
This build looks promising! Eagerly waiting completion. mmmm Phobya gummies. I LOVE Aquatuning.

Okay yesterday's update!

I removed the stock heatsinks on the motherboard to replace it with the MIPS waterblock. I have to say this block look is stunning!




Sorry for the blurry pictures

Second job was the installation of the blocks on the 580's...and I hit a "rock"

The first one was the Heatkiller and it was a charm to install and DAMN it looks good

The second one was the Aquacomputer one and this is where I hit a "rock" of the screw post near the processor failed on me and I still don't know how. So I went online and bought a second Heatkiller and since I will have 2 Heatkiller block I also bought a Heatkiller bridge this little "rock" cost me some money but it is what it is...

Here's some pictures of the GPU's

The 2 GTX 580 with the blocks (of course the one with the Aquacomputer block is for archive now )

And the precious

Here you see what broke on the Aquacomputer block

That's all for now. Next step is CPU block and radiators/fans installation...

I leave you with an artsy shot just for the kick of it
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