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...Thats kinda offense but its few Bench runs, even so I would hardly be worried about Electrical Degradation in a year at 1.43v ;)

...and whatever you do please refrain from posting all the info I have already read on CPU Electrical Degradation, i'm well aware and banking this Chip will be fine....had my previous 980X going for 2.5 yrs at 1.45v and its still a killer chip.

What your concerned with would likely be a longterm concern.....4 or 5 yrs...who knows, certainly not concerned though .....with offset OC mode right now at desktop its "idling" at 1.2 Ghz w .898v (vCore)....C1 and Speedstep enabled.

Have a read as well.....apparently Eldonko (a real guru compared to me) has been running a 3960x at 5 Ghz for a couple of years, I'm sure him and every other OC'er out there that puts either the 3930K or 3960/70X under water for 5 Ghz isnt too concerned about "frying" there Chip in a year and they will likey be trying to settle on 1.4 - 1.45v, maybe even some as high as 1.5v ;)

Your absolutely correct the "risk" of electrical degradation increases, but the likelyhood of frying a Chip "in a year" is highly unlikely .....not impossible, but unlikely.

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