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My System Specs


Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
Odd, I'm also on shaw and within about 30km from you and my internet is fine.
hmm now I wonder if it is my PC itself then because I have been playing Playing older games online on my old DFI p35 q6600 setup and have not one disconnect or lag or anything like it but on my main PC I try to surf and am having problems connect to the net I have tried with 3 different web browsers and when I am having problems i try a different web browser but still connection problems I am now starting to wonder if this asrock z77 motherboard is getting flaky. I have had a couple of USB issues where I had to unplug my remote control receiver thing and plug it into a different USB port or maybe it is just a coincidence but I am not sure how to check the LAN or the usb on this motherboard.
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