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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Ultima_weaponx View Post
What are you wanting to run with your equipment?
What do you have currently?

I know people always say "wait until next week" when it comes to computer hardware, but in the next 48 hours, the 760 should be released, and in the weeks to come, the whole nvida line up should be repricing to clear out old stock.

Your brother sounds to be giving you some nice deals on those cards, but if you want to go that far into extreme performance, I'd sway towards the new 780, personally.

But then, I'd probably be happy with a single GTX770
I don't think the whole Nvidia lineup will drop in prices. It has been stated that the 760 is the last card to come this year and the 670 and quite possibly even the 660ti will remain better than the 760. The lower end cards like 660ti and lower won't necessarily be "old stock" as they will continue to stock them up at least till the new year....... and the 670's and 680's can already be found on sale for a fair deal sometimes as low as $320 for a 670.
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