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My System Specs


If a 770 costs $570 then you won't have enough to get PSU, CPU, Mobo, Ram and graphics nevermind an SSD unless you go lower end at which point the CPU you have is so close that there is no point.

Personally I would do a mid-range GPU (650ti - 670), match your ram if possible for a total of 8GB, change the psu and maybe throw in an SSD, any budget you have over this I would put in a new build fund and save for a few years to get a whole new build when you next need it (2-3 years at a push)
Your PSU is bad but *should* be *ok* to run a mid level card BUT if it dies it could take the rest of your system with it.
Some people get lucky and never have a problem, some get lucky and when it dies it only takes itself out but I have seen whole systems fried to the point where the case is the only thing salvageable. your shout.. I would change it.

Your PSU.. is actually only good for 450W
Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600 W Power Supply Review | Hardware Secrets

Basically you need to read reviews on anything your going to buy.. you can get decent PSU's for reasonable money that that will leave that one for dead.
You don't have to understand everything they talk about but they should say in their conclusion whether it's good bad ok or value for money.
And this goes for everything, ram, motherboards etc etc etc

Where are you buying from? Might help us advise if we know whats available. or what country.
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