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My System Specs


If your going single card then 7970 and 770 are interchangeable on your preference.. if you plan on going dual GPU then it will be currently advisable to go nvidia and will depend on your PSU.. 750W gold will be ok I would suggest 850 though so as not to stress it and keep it nice and cool.

16GB is not NEEDED but if it's in budget then there isn't a reason not to but I wouldn't bother with more.

I don't trust Seagate consumer drives.. I would go WD Blue or Black.

Thats a solid build that will last you a good few years before you have to look at upgrading... probably a gpu bump in 2-3 if you want to keep the performance high and a re-build in 5ish but I can see that system as a whole lasting some people 5 -7 years with a gpu re-fresh / sli somewhere in the middle.
All depends on how happy you are with it.
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