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The reason I titled the thread 'pulled a 360' alludes to the idea that Microsoft pulled a move that took out what consumers didn't want, while also putting a question mark on features that consumers were interested in, like the discless playing and family sharing. Personally though, the discless playing doesn't bother me in particular. I know on PS3 downloading the data to the HDD accelerated things immensely, but in the realm of what was being reverted here, I'm going to still cal it somewhat of a small fish point. And if I'm to be completely honest, the whole family sharing idea is more suited to Nintendo, not Microsoft - but it was an interesting step in an interesting direction.

Also, they didn't completely take out the creep factor nor the $100 price tag disadvantage to the superior powered (on paper) PS4 - which is being seen as the good guy here, and perhaps, rightfully so.

I think that Microsoft is somewhat listening to developers while lending an ear to customers at the same time (which is great), but it's going to be hard to strike a balance. Also to the posts right above me, the thing is they should have listened to customers before the whole fiasco started. I'm glad they reverted the decision but the stigma is going to be haunting them forever now.
The marketplace for games can be seen somewhat shifting to the indie devs, which isn't tapped on consoles that well at all. It's going to be interesting to see how things proceed from here. I think Microsoft is in a strangely unique position to accommodate the already pretty well ingrained (and quickly rising) indie dav community on PC towards its console as well. Though of course, that bring up Steam as another factor that's beyond the scope of this thread.
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