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Default I'm not creative enough for a title

I'd say it would have been almost a year ago that I bought my TJ07 here, but haven't really had the chance to do anything with it. Most in progress shots will be taken with my phone, but I'll definitely source out a nicer camera for the final shots... Progress will probably be done weekly rather than daily, but maybe posting something up will motivate me a bit more than just doing it for myself.

Right out of the box the day after purchasing it and in goes my "top of the line" i7 920 & 5970 just for kicks. Note that the support beams weren't powdercoated by the previous owner .

Fooling around. I wasn't going to take apart the MurderMod front panel to change the LED to a blue to match the power and HDD LEDs, so I changed the other two to red. Just fooling around with the breadboard to see what it would look like.

I'm pretty sure I bought the last two 92mm Gentle Typhoons available anywhere. They were sitting on the shelf for so long that the plastic box the GTs usually come in started yellowing.

A little teaser shot...

Anyone with a keen eye will see that the screws here are silver and not black, like in the other images. Remember the "measure twice cut once" mantra? For my last build, I used 1 1/4" screws (just regular ones, not black...I would have switched...) but they weren't long enough because I went through the top of the case so they had to go through radgrill/case/fan/rad. For this one, I bought some nice quality black 1 1/2" screws. Too bad I forgot that for this application, it's only fan and radiator. Doh.

After test fitting both radiators in there with the power supply, there isn't much space...

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