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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Personally I'd go for the 760ti when it lands if not a plain 760.. It will probably be a refreshed 670 at 660ti launch prices / 660ti refreshed and 660 launch prices (if they stick to what they did with the 770)..

that and a decent PSU, something like :
Choose A Power Supply - PCPartPicker
Should be plenty and rock solid.

Biggest bottle neck will be your mobo/cpu.. but that really depends on the game as to how much it will affect you.

Intel Haswell i7-4770K & i5-4670K Review

Your probably good for a couple of years yet but I would upgrade your whole system with your next GPU refresh.

You might want to try find another 4GB of ram if you can match it to what you have and also look at an ssd. Will make your whole system feel snappier but it is only load times for windows and whatever games /app you put on it.. one of the last things to invest in but something like a crucial M500 128GB would be a nice addition to your system and not cost the world.
From what I've been reading as of late there may not be a 760 ti this generation, of course that is all speculation. The leaked specs of the (speculated)760 are strange. 1152 cores, 96 TMU's, 32 ROP's with 256 bit bus width. Compared to gtx 670 with 1344 cores, 112 TMU, 32 ROP's, 256 bit bus width and 660 ti with 1344, 112, 24 with a 192 bus width the 760 appears to fall somewhere in the middle of the 660 ti and 670. Not sure what to make of that.

However maybe those leaks specs are for a 750 ti or something. I don't know it just seems odd to me. As compared to 670 less cores, less tmu's, same rops, same bus width. Compared 660 ti less cores, less TMU, more rops more bus width. Doesn't seem to be quite following the trend of the 680 to 770 and definitely seems as there should be a 760 ti but of course it's all speculation. We'll have to wait till the 25th to see for sure.

Also I would have thought the 760 ti would be slated to release before the 760 but who knows. It could all be well planned out to make the new 770 pricing even more attractive for us less patient folks.
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