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i was un-aware of that NCIX covered the first year, that is kind of handy. like Zac said though, going directly through Gigabyte will likely provide the best chance for getting an RMA but it might be worth giving NCIX a call and explaining the damage. have links to photos ready if you can and if you talk to someone who doesn't know, just ask to talk with someone that can say either way before you ship the board back.

these are those situations that suck because most manufacturers will say any physical damage is not under warranty...but when the board does this under no fault of the user, how is that not part of warranty? a component failed and there was no screw driver shorting involved, end of story.

worse case scenario, i will offer free repair if just the MOSFET is bad and there was no damage to the board itself. if you have a photo, post it up and i can start hunting for a replacement for you.
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