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My System Specs


Originally Posted by hero1 View Post

Actually, overclocking everything causes a system to pull a lot of power. I will post some reviews later that showed how much power a 3930/3960 with 2-way SLI pulls. Close to 800 watts. So I like pushing my stuff harder, meaning a better PSU around 1000 Watts is needed when I step up to Extreme platform.

I can put the hrs but I am not sure what the costs are and how much stuff to order. So I will look around for stuff that are pre-sleeved. I would love to put time behind sleeving but maybe in December. Do you know any shop other than Dazmode and modDIY | PC Modding, Case Mods, Modular Cables, PC Mod Supplies I would like a black and red colour patern to go with my system colours.
With my CPU @ 4.6GHz and both cards @ 1150MHz my system is pulling under 650W from the wall when with everything under full load. Assuming 90% PSU efficiency that is about 585W of DC power.

You really don't need huge hoking power supplies anymore.
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