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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Masteroderus View Post
I like the corsair sleeving better than the straight up seasonic (even though some models are seasonics ). They're individually sleeved. Go with the AX1200i, it'll (properly) do up to 3 way sli/xfire.

If you're doing SLI I would recommend going overkill on the PSU so that it runs cool. When you push a PSU it's simple: the fan gets turned on/up more. And the sleeving doesn't have the annoying multicolour look at the terminals.

But if you don't care about the multicolour terminals go with the seasonic, they're bulletproof!
I am considering just 1000W since I will never go 3-SLI. And no, I don't case for if it's multicoloured or not as long as it performs and lasts a long time.

Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
He's only gonna pull 600w~ at full load with that rig inc a second GPU.. 1200w is a bit pointless unless you are considering tri-sli
1000w will do tri-sli but for the reasons above I would aim higher but for dual-cards then 850 - 1000w is perfect.

Looking at the AX 860 myself for dual 780's on an i7 950, which sucks allot more power than your 3570k.

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
650W is easily enough for GTX780 SLI + 3930K. There is a huge difference in quality in presleeved cables and ones you do yourself. They use a 1x1 weave versus a 3x3 weave of higher quality sleeving. Also little to no heatshrink versus 2 inches. But is is also a lot of work to sleeve a power supply properly. Expect to spend 20-30 hours at the minimum to do the entire system.
Actually, overclocking everything causes a system to pull a lot of power. I will post some reviews later that showed how much power a 3930/3960 with 2-way SLI pulls. Close to 800 watts. So I like pushing my stuff harder, meaning a better PSU around 1000 Watts is needed when I step up to Extreme platform.

I can put the hrs but I am not sure what the costs are and how much stuff to order. So I will look around for stuff that are pre-sleeved. I would love to put time behind sleeving but maybe in December. Do you know any shop other than Dazmode and modDIY | PC Modding, Case Mods, Modular Cables, PC Mod Supplies I would like a black and red colour patern to go with my system colours.
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