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Originally Posted by mdrejhon View Post
Actually, there's been hacks to force nVidia 3D Vision to work on displays not designed for 3D Vision. With hacks, I've seen 3D Vision successfully working on Samsung S27A950D computer monitors -- that's an AMD HD3D monitor! It needs registry tweaks and the "CRT mode".
The polarization on all 2012 / 2013 Samsung 120Hz sets is identical. The same goes for ASUS. These off-brand monitors however typically use different polarization filters. Even Acer, Phillips and BenQ change up their filters all too often.

As a true test, put on a pair of polarized sunglasses (3D Vision glasses are polarized as well) and look at a lineup of monitors in Future Shop or Best buy. It is truly amazing to see how different filters can affect viewing.
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