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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
No. A display needs to be certified for 3D Vision to support NVIDIA's glasses. This is due to polarization angles, screen sync and a number of other items.
Actually, there's been hacks to force nVidia 3D Vision to work on displays not designed for 3D Vision. With hacks, I've seen 3D Vision successfully working on Samsung S27A950D computer monitors -- that's an AMD HD3D monitor! It needs registry tweaks and the "CRT mode".

Originally Posted by robotninjasrule View Post
Ok i have had a Catleap for almost a year now i just recently upgraded the PCB with a Overlord 120hz PCB ( all i can say is wow, the best 260 bux i have ever spent on random computer parts lol). Anyways anyone know if i could get this thing to display 3D. I know ill have to buy some NVidia cards and some glasses, just wondering if the only rules to using 3D is 120hz capable monitor and maybe hardware capable of pumping out 120fps?
Unfortunately, it is not possible.
The Catleap bleeds refresh together too much to allow 3D to be really possible.
You need clean individual refreshes, for shutter glasses to work on.

As part of blogging, I've done some high speed camera tests.
(I have a 1000fps camera)

High Speed Video of 2007 LCD - refreshes blend into each other too much. 3D not possible.
High Speed Video of 2012 LCD - refreshes are very clean. 3D possible.
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