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Question GTX 680 SLI no-space temps

Just ordered a second 680 to SLI with my current one (both reference cards). I have the Gigabyte EX58-UD5 motherboard, which being an older board, has the two x16 PCI-E slots close together (only separated by one slot), so for dual slot cards like the 680 the cards will be next to each other. I was wondering for people running 680 SLI setups, how hot does cards get when they are this close, and does it make them louder? asking this specifically because most numbers in reviews have the cards a bit further apart (on newer mobos that have 2-slot gaps between PCI-Es)

also as an aside, anybody still running 680 SLI on x58? I have my i7 920 @ 3.67Ghz, running on a single 1440p monitor. I hope the cpu is not holding the cards back (a bit hard to find benches with 680 SLI on x58 nowadays... anandtech's recent article skipped the 920 as well)

thanks in advance
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