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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Tomb Raider TressFX: every "optimization" patch breaks NVIDIA's previous driver fixes.

Dirt Showdown: Specific game-centric rendering optimizations written for the GCN architecture

Shogun 2: initially ran fine on NVIDIA cards. Patch was rolled out that completely broke perf. NVIDIA released a driver update which fixed perf. Two weeks later yet another patch which once again changed the exact optimizations which NVIDIA had fixed. That shit went on for four months after the game's release.

There have been plenty of examples from both camps.
Do you consider AMD optimizing for Dirt to be bad? They didn't "de-optimize" for Nvidia, they just made it work better under GCN. If you consider that bad, then Crysis 2 and Metro:LL with their over-tesselation which hurts performance on both AMD and Nvidia, but less so on Nvidia, are much more significant.

Driver fixes are easily broken with patches - drivers are made to work with specific builds of the game, if you change the thing the driver addresses, the driver fix no longer works. I think that's just the nature of specific optimizations (especially if the dev made the patch changes without access to Nvidia's drivers, which I can definitely see happening).

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
The fact is, it is not like either company are snidely whiplash and hatching plans to break the other guys tech. Both need the other to keep anti-monopoly laws at bay.

Same for saying NVs tech is 'outdated'...but AMDs not even released tech is going to be super awesome. E.G. You keep saying Hawaii is going to be super awesome, but its not out yet. It could be, or maybe it will be a faildozer. No one knows. This sort of reminds of a Simpsons episode where Bart and Lisa are sent to a hellish camp....and Bart rocks himself to sleep saying "Krusty will come. Tomorrow Krusty will come". Right now AMD needs to work on their drivers and sifting through the PR spin...that is what I took away from this Q&A. AMD wants to reconnect with gaming enthusiasts who they have burned. I hope they do. I want to see a 8990 @ 4 bills and a 780 at the same.
I think both AMD and Nvidia are just equally at fault for playing dirty. AMD aren't angels, they would take advantages if given them I'm sure. Nvidia just seems to make advantages, not take them as they come.

I say Hawaii will be strong for good reason, I have much more experience with it than you think I do And yes I can't wait to see more reasonably priced high end cards! Competition is great
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