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You dont remember them because A) you werent looking for them and B) they are as rare as their counterparts. But you want to blithely wave away the AMD 'sins' while damning NV for theirs.

The fact is, it is not like either company are snidely whiplash and hatching plans to break the other guys tech. Both need the other to keep anti-monopoly laws at bay.

Same for saying NVs tech is 'outdated'...but AMDs not even released tech is going to be super awesome. E.G. You keep saying Hawaii is going to be super awesome, but its not out yet. It could be, or maybe it will be a faildozer. No one knows. This sort of reminds of a Simpsons episode where Bart and Lisa are sent to a hellish camp....and Bart rocks himself to sleep saying "Krusty will come. Tomorrow Krusty will come". Right now AMD needs to work on their drivers and sifting through the PR spin...that is what I took away from this Q&A. AMD wants to reconnect with gaming enthusiasts who they have burned. I hope they do. I want to see a 8990 @ 4 bills and a 780 at the same.
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