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Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
I don't remember any prominent examples like Batman or Crysis 2 from AMD's side, sure at launch Nvidia may not have the opportunity to make optimized drivers, but I'm talking issues like Crysis 2's tesselation (same issue in Metro:LL). Either way, it doesn't happen often, and I'd rather it stay that way!

Crossfire drivers are still a sore point for sure. Can't recommend a CF setup at all until the prototype drivers are out the door. But I think besides that, AMD has pretty solid drivers. Far Cry 3 is still a weak link, but it's not like they have as many issues as 320.18 (pretty bad for a WHQL release).

Bulldozer was a sad, sad launch. I'm just hoping Steamroller is competitive so that Intel kicks up a notch and we don't have another weak tock like Haswell. Competition is good! And I can guarantee you that Hawaii is going to be very, very competitive, that's for sure
Tomb Raider TressFX: every "optimization" patch breaks NVIDIA's previous driver fixes.

Dirt Showdown: Specific game-centric rendering optimizations written for the GCN architecture

Shogun 2: initially ran fine on NVIDIA cards. Patch was rolled out that completely broke perf. NVIDIA released a driver update which fixed perf. Two weeks later yet another patch which once again changed the exact optimizations which NVIDIA had fixed. That shit went on for four months after the game's release.

There have been plenty of examples from both camps.
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