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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Thats OK ST...I will.

AMD also uses their program to make games with 'BS anti-NV' tweaks. Both companies do it. Its more a case of diverging underlying tech than say what MS used to do (aka you want to USE xyz....use our tech or you are SOL).

Right now both are viable options. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. AMD still are very weak on drivers. NV are weak on higher res gaming from a ram and bandwidth bottleneck. As for still unreleased tech...lets not get ahead of ourselves. Remember Bulldozer and its promises?
I sure do that was the end of AMD AM series for me went from 939/am2/am2+/AM3 then got the ever awesome 8150 and AM3+ and the great AMD exodus happened at my house all my AMD systems left to be replaced quickly with Ivy systems and one FM2 cuz at least they did that right.

I hold a vigil for them hoping that some day their ship will return. but I do not hold my breath and for now I will buy myself a 4770k for OC fun only haha
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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