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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
I highly doubt , even if that is done, it is a one way street.
But I know from reading here it is better not to argue that with you.

Come on ST Fling the Proverbial fish at the Sushi man :P

But I think in all reality both brands had their good and bad sides and in all reality both brands have come so far in the past years, sure we can dig into the fanboism that "everything is old hardware just rebranded" but if that was the case then my old MX440 and rage pro 128 should still be rocking the 1080 gaming environments :P haha

I have a 770 for my main rig now... only because it was free otherwise I would of been very happy waiting with my 660 till I got to see what AMD brings to the table as well.

To stay alive in the industry now you have to always give it your all and innovate.

I think if your still just picking team red blue or green due to your fancy love of colours you will never get the full awesome PC experience you could with the mixed cornucopia of branding colours :P
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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