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My System Specs

Default plug a router to another router?

Ok title seems confusing to some people so let me explain.

It's basically a follow-up on another thread I did:

I'm asking this question since currently my router is also my modem that Telus uses. So here's the question, do you think it's possible to plug in a new router WAN port into one of the gigabit LAN ports in the current router? Reason why is because I have a lot of devices that uses a 2.4 GHz frequency including my home phones and Oomba (a VoIP telephone service) the problem is when near any PC the phone gets interrupted by (I imagine) the 2.4 GHz frequency. So I want to change my PCs to a 5.0 GHz frequency and leave my home phones to 2.4 GHz that way there's no interference.

Of course I'll switch the wireless radio on the current router to OFF if it does work. So does anyone have any idea if it works or not?

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