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Originally Posted by Mibs View Post
As far as I know draft-n is pretty much finalized now. Meaning that whatever you buy now that's n should work with all your other n devices. At least according to Patrick Norton on revision3....
It's not quite finalized ...

First, most Draft N routers are still 2.4 GHz (there are a few dual band units out there, like the Apple Airport Extreme, Linksys WRT600N + WRT610N, D-Link DIR-855, etc.) ... The final spec routers will be dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and will gradually settle into only supporting the 5 GHz band as it will provide the least interference with other devices and vice versa (better range and compatibility in urban areas). The downside here is your 2.4 GHz Draft N equipment, like most electronics, will be obsolete in several years.

Second, as it is still a draft stage, not all N products will necessarily work with each other. For example, the earlier revisions of the D-Link DIR-655 would not work with Apple's Airport wireless cards in N mode. This was fixed through firmware and driver upgrades in this particular case, but one cannot guarantee N equipment from company A will work with N equipment from company B at this point in time.

The good news is that any Draft N revision 2.0 equipment will be software (firmware or driver) upgradeable to the final specification, which will hopefully be released some time in 2009. Along w/ the final spec should come universal compatibility.
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