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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Are there any electrical burn marks on the rear of the motherboard? If so, it's possible that you had a misplaced motherboard standoff that shorted out a critical power component. In most cases, a short will just prevent the PC from booting, but occasionally a short can connect a high power/voltage trace to something that doesn't react all that well to it.

Aside from that, if there was no short, it could be any number of things from the motherboard itself to something like a short in a usb device.

Did you double/triple check all of your power connections?
I was thinking the same thing a screw or something shorting out the motherboard.'
my older amd motherboard literally smoked then caught fire before I was able to unplug the pc lol I had set up the PC out of the way and was working great until one day when I started the thing and turned to walk out the door to get coffee I heard a spark sound then seen smoke nothing like the smell of burn't electrical components first thing in the morning.
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