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My System Specs


Originally Posted by t0m View Post
i have an unreasonable brand-hate for linksys stuff (the only router i have seen die, and i have seen 3 or 4 of them die now)
oops i cant believe i got that wrong...its d-link that i have a hate on for. i just went digging around my closet for 'network appliances' hoping to find another hub or something i can use for now and i found my two old dead d-link routers (one wifi + one wired). i always used to get d-link mixed up with linksys even when i was using the d-link

Mibs - misterd - thanks

Jack Rabbit - unfortunately i dont have enough parts to make another pc (yet). i dont really have to worry about security either, most of the time we play xbox on lan night, pc nights are usually smaller with only a few lap tops and my 3 pcs.

lcdguy - why do you hate sonicwall? my only experience is with one i installed/maintained for a while in a cell phone shop in the mall...the place was a mess after an employees 'buddy' came in and tried to fix it for them, so i spent almost a whole day ripping it down (and temp rigging it so they could still use the pos system and make sales/changes to peoples accounts). when it came time to install the sonicwall i was a little intimidated, but it went incredibly well, and it works so good that i havnt had to make a (network related) trip back there since i installed it. i instantly wanted one in my house after that but it was worth more than my whole pc
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