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I can't speak for your specific MB but from my own usage in servers I can say that whenever I've used non brand, non QVL RAM it's been fine.

I do take the effort to look up the chips used on the brand/QVL ram and the timings and match as closely as possible using what's readily (and cheaper) available.

For dual processor systems using registered RAM would be beneficial as the system will most likely down clock if using unregistered ram (In my system I can run 2 x registered DIMMS per channel at full speed or 3x DIMMS with 1 step downclock, using Unregistered dimms 1x per channel at full speed or 2x dimms at 2 steps downclocked (no option for 3x per channel)

Registered dimms I have also found to be more stable, and if running remote or unattended getting ECC serves well.
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