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My System Specs


I'd be interested in concepts being shown for feedback. But yea a product showcaseis very meh coming from the company directly. Much rather an independent reviewers opinion.

I mean how often do you see a company saying "Here's our product, Here's whats good, here's whats bad". Whether this is through pride in their product, lack of subjective scrutiny (can be hard when your involved in design) or simply company bs of "we don't do anything / can't admit we do anything wrong".

Really I'd love to see reviews of prototypes and then have input / suggestions as how to make them better.

The current drive caddies (apart from the new 530) being one that have been criticized here since they were first reviewed.
Another I would have is get rid of the 3 position switch for the fan controller and use an analogue knob, not to mention the flimsiness of the power button.

I had a bit of a rant in the cases forum about how little consideration seems to go into the front / top io panel a while back.

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