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Originally Posted by Urotsukidoji View Post
ok, so I went to my local Canada Computers. I tell the guy that I wanted an external drive, but read that they all suck. I then say that my research (you guys) indicates that the way to go is the Vantec Nexstar 3 and a hard drive of my choice, he agrees saying that is the correct thing to do. So I grab the Nexstar, and a WD 500 GB drive. He states that the WD 640 GB drive is the better choice, not for the size, but the way the drive is built, and its only $10 more, so I say what ever and take that instead (beside, I chose 3 of the exact same drives to go inside my new build). AS we speak my old PC is formatting the new drive in the Nexstar. It is just now that I remember why I picked the 500 GB drive in the first place. The Nexstar is only supposed to support drives up to 500 GB. So, my question is, did I mess up? My PC recognizes the correct size, its formatting ok (28% done as I type). Will I somehow be limited to 500 GB of usage, or will Nexstar somehow not correctly recognize my drive??? Any thoughts?l
This is the Vantec Nextstar that I have and according to Vantec it supports up to 750gb, but it seems to be advertised in stores as only holding 500gb. So there shouldn't be any reason that the WD 640 wouldn't work fine, and yes it does seem to be a better HD, so you made the better choice.
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Sorry sent the wrong link it is this one that I have, and yes it supports up to 1 TB. But stores seem to advertise 500gb for some reason.
Vantec - Vantec NexStar 3 - NST-360SU-BL - 3.5" SATA to USB2.0 and eSATA External Hard Drive Enclosure (Midnight Blue)
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