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ok, so I went to my local Canada Computers. I tell the guy that I wanted an external drive, but read that they all suck. I then say that my research (you guys) indicates that the way to go is the Vantec Nexstar 3 and a hard drive of my choice, he agrees saying that is the correct thing to do. So I grab the Nexstar, and a WD 500 GB drive. He states that the WD 640 GB drive is the better choice, not for the size, but the way the drive is built, and its only $10 more, so I say what ever and take that instead (beside, I chose 3 of the exact same drives to go inside my new build). AS we speak my old PC is formatting the new drive in the Nexstar. It is just now that I remember why I picked the 500 GB drive in the first place. The Nexstar is only supposed to support drives up to 500 GB. So, my question is, did I mess up? My PC recognizes the correct size, its formatting ok (28% done as I type). Will I somehow be limited to 500 GB of usage, or will Nexstar somehow not correctly recognize my drive??? Any thoughts?l
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