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At first I wasn't going to upgrade the mobo but the 4CoreDualVSTA has a 4x pcie slot and it's been a long time since I have played with some quality hardware.
I have never been much of an early adopter ...

When I purchased the Corsair last week, I was planning the use the E4300 and change the fsb from 200 to 266 and leave the memory at 667. I got it at FS online for 35$ a stick with 4$ shipping ... not too bad.

I will likely try and overclock it by relaxing the timings and increasing the ram voltage.
However, I have been burned several times in the past, spending $$$ on faster ram only to be rewarded by a few fps

As it stands now I'm already over budget.

In time I may upgrade the memory and use the Corsair elsewhere.
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