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Default Another new member with a new build

I joined yesterday after lurking for some time.
My son is away at camp and I decided to build him a new system for his birthday.
The system he is currently using has the following specs;
E4300 @ 2.4 ghz (266 fsb)
4CoreDualVSTA mobo
X1950 Pro agp
2 x 1GB Corsair DDR2 667
WD 500GB sata2
Ultra X connect 500 watt psu

My plan was to use the cpu and hdd and ordered the following from DC;
P5Q Pro, Diamond HD 4870 and use an OCZ GameXstream 600w that I already have.
While I was waiting for the parts to arrive, I noticed the Intel price cut and that DC has the E8500 for 199$ so I ordered it today. The memory will be 2 x 2GB Corsair DDR2 667.
I plan to install VISTA 64bit although I am aware that I may also need to install XP Pro as well if he can't play all his games. If this is the case I will install to another hdd and use the boot menu to select which hdd to boot from.

I was very glad to see ATI released the 8.7's today, I hope they work for me.

Ref Vista, do I need to manually install .net v2 or it the OS ready to install the cats ?
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