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Better LightBoost Color

CallSignVega and several other people have messaged to tell me that the new Geforce driver version 320.18 (nVidia website) has greatly improved LightBoost color quality on ASUS VG248QE and BENQ XL2411T monitors. It is not as good color as 144Hz, but much closer than before.


Inconsistent results. Some displays get better LightBoost color, and other displays get worse LightBoost color. Some says VG248QE has worse colorl

Originally Posted by CallSignVega
Ah yes I have tested this new driver, but on a side monitor XL2720T which now has far better picture quality than the VG248QE both in LB mode. ;) The QE seems all faded and bleached out now with the BenQ looking far superior. The crimson tint is pretty much gone now, but the BenQ looks much more like a normal non-LB monitor side-by-side versus the Asus.
I'd say wait on 320.18 until the story becomes clearer. It is clear that nVidia is tinkering with LightBoost color.

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