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Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
This had to be stickied, this is the best and simplest guide I've seen anywhere. Its kept short and very easy to understand. Great Job Mibs, I am currently planning on doing a setup and it really answered alot of questions, thanks alot .

Just one question, you said Machine screws are useless to mount fans to a rad, now was that meant for the Thermochill rad or for any rad out there. Reason I ask is because I have a Black Ice Pro 2, and I had lost the screws of it, I got suggestions to go to any hardware store and get the 6-32 1-1/4" screws, all Home Depot had in that size were machine screws, that is why I wonder.

Sorry last one, I've seen this many places, what does "Self Tapping Screws" really mean.. Sorry for the dumb one
Thanks miggs! I appreciate the compliments!

Self-tapping screws are just screws that will make their own thread in the material they are being screwed into, vs machine bolts which require that a thread already exists for them to lock into. I've never actually used a Black Ice Pro 2 or any rad other than the Thermochill for that matter, but based on the pictures I've seen of it I imagine mounting works in much the same way for both these rads. I'm willing to bet the holes in the rad for mounting do not have threads in them already. Same goes for the fans, a machine bolt will just slide right through the hole in the fan. Actually I had trouble finding these screws at Home Depot myself. I found mine at Kent, but that store is in Atlantic Canada only.
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