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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
I agree. It would be ground breaking if in reality it wasn't just taking us back to were we were 15 years ago.
Originally Posted by Bao View Post
+1000 for possibly the coolest tech tip in the past year (for me anyway).
You're welcome!

Can you do us a BIG favour and help petition nVidia to make LightBoost as easy to enable as AA or VSYNC ON/OFF setting? I have posted a major thread in nVidia's own website, the Geforce Drivers Forum, and it's currently a popular thread in the last few days with people agreeing. I know a few nVidia employees read these forums; and I've seen them occasionally accommodate requests.

nVidia Forum: REQUEST: Make LightBoost an easy setting, like enabling AA or VSYNC ON/OFF

Let nVidia know that you agree!
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